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For more than 35 years, the Non-Governmental Organization ELIX has been implementing actions with social impact and utilizing the voluntary contribution of people from all over the world. Since 1987, when it was founded upon the initiative of Mrs Eleni Gazi, ELIX has organized hundreds of volunteer work programs in dozens of regions of Greece.

The object of these programmes has been, among other things, the preservation of cultural heritage, environmental protection, social cohesion and the promotion of non-formal education. ELIX participates in several volunteer works and training programmes abroad, while more than 150 volunteers from other countries participate in its programmes in Greece.

With its deep knowledge and experience and with a specialized staff that fully understands the values and function of volunteering, ELIX is the backbone that supports the Aeithaleia Programme. It brings together the parties involved and coordinates the operating team for the best result, both at an individual level for each participant and at a collective one.