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OTEAcademy, a member of the OTE Group, is the largest professional training organization in Greece, providing innovative training services that contribute to the professional and personal development of the trainee. Its vision is to create a large community of “restless” people who dream of a business world with happy employees and customers.
With business training as its main activity, OTEAcademy designs and implements high quality personal development and information and communication technology (ICT) trainings, covering a wide range of topics and contributing to the development of executives and businesses.  
Building on its long expertise in customer experience, OTEAcademy provides a series of professional personal development trainings based on the Love2Learn® philosophy, a different educational approach based on experiential exercises, creative play and the arts, aiming at the development of the trainee on a professional and personal level. In addition, OTEAcademy is a certified training partner of major international organizations such as AWS, CISCO, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, AP, etc.
OTEAcademy’s participation in Aeithaleia is related to one of the most crucial points of the project: the creation of the online platform for coupling the supply and demand of volunteer work. In addition, OTEAcademy has undertaken the design of the electronic manual for using the platform while offering an incentive model for the moral reward of volunteers.