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The University of Patras is one of the most important public academic institutions in Greece, based in Patras, in the prefecture of Achaia. The University was founded in 1963, and today, more than half a century later, it has evolved into a model institution that fosters the spirit of scientific progress and international cooperation with remarkable research activity.
The University’s contribution to the Aeithaleia Programme is significant as the institution will study good practices of volunteering in Greece and internationally and map institutions that can potentially collaborate in the implementation of volunteer activities both in terms of the supply of volunteer staff and the demand for volunteer services.
In addition and in cooperation with public bodies, local authorities, civil society and other forms of government, it will launch public consultation processes to shape a new framework that will make volunteering more friendly for all residents of the country.  
Finally, in cooperation with OTEAcademy, it will train 300 executives of local government and civil society organizations, as well as 30 older people (multipliers) to use a training platform.