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Target Audience

The leading target group of EngAge programme is people aged 65+, generally retired, but not excluding those in the under-65 age range with retirement prospects. Under no circumstances, however, does EngAge set age barriers.


In this sense, and based on the principle of inclusion, EngAge welcomes everyone who wants to develop cooperative group action alongside senior citizens for the common good regardless of age. In this way, it seeks to achieve the individual objectives of the programme, which are to strengthen intergenerationality and combat negative stereotypes about older people.


In addition, the programme refers to the following: 

  • Non-governmental organizations, especially those implementing social solidarity and environmental protection actions.
  • Regions and municipalities that implement volunteering actions and programmes and operate social structures for older people.
  • Executive policy-making structures such as: the Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs, Health & Social Solidarity, the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities, the National Centre for Social Solidarity, etc.
  • Dozens of pensioners’ organizations.
  • Dozens of voluntary organizations, including the Association of Voluntary Organizations.
  • Universities, Institutes and Public Organizations involved in the insurance and benefits sector.
  • Scientific institutions and scientific societies (e.g. Panhellenic Medical Association, Hellenic Gerontological & Geriatric Society, Hellenic Regulatory Body of Nurses, Association of Social Workers of Greece, etc).