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Well-being and the pursuit of personal and family happiness are human goals at every age. No matter how many years have passed, none of our fellow citizens is or should feel inactive or rejected. We can all give things to society and take things from it.


The above is precisely the aim of the ambitious project "EngAGE". The project promotes and highlights well-being among senior citizens through active participation and volunteering. Aeithaleia establishes active ageing, not only through individual action (through exercise and good nutrition) but also through collective volunteering activities.


In this way, EngAge highlights the enormous importance of collaborative action through which a person, as a social being, is fulfilled as a personality while experiencing joy and mental wellness.


At the same time, although the emphasis is placed on older people, EngAge is an open programme which does not exclude any age group in the context of inclusion and intergenerationality. EngAge pursues the vision of an active society and promotes the values of participation, joint action, cooperation and social solidarity.


Moreover, through collective action, we all create a new social resource that can help the State address contemporary social challenges.

With EngAge, we all win!